We could not provide funding for these services without generous donations and community support of our fundraising events.

We sponsored a painting class at a studio in Oak Island for teenage foster children.  Everyone used their own creative approach to paint the octopus

Here are brief reviews of each of the WAVES initiatives that are critical to the growth and well being of the children we serve.

Eight plus years total used for the benefit of the children we serve

When requested by Brunswick County Department of Social Services (DSS) WAVES 4 K.I.D.S. provides funding for the following for children living in difficult situations:

  •  Art, music, singing and dance lessons  

  •  Car seats  

  •  Clothing 

  •  Daycare registration fees  

  •  Diapers  

  •  Formula  

  •  Medical and therapeutic devices  

  •  Pack & Plays  

  •  Parental assistance  

  •  Pest control  

  •  Sports equipment

  •  Stuffing Book Bags with school supplies  

  •  Tuition for Summer camp  

  •  Therapeutic activities not covered by Medicaid  

  •  Tutoring 

Additional support WAVES 4 K.I.D.S. provides to the children of Brunswick County, outside of requests from DSS, is:

  • A Holiday Party for the children, and their families, under the care of DSS. It’s our way of giving the children enjoyment over the holiday season, that is beyond their basic needs, that they may not experience any other way.

  • The Scholarship Funds which we promote and manage. These scholarships are available to all children in Brunswick County living in difficult situations. The criteria for being awarded a scholarship is similar across all of the funds with some specific differences designated by the sponsor