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The generosity and continued support from our Grantors, Sponsors, and Donors is what paves the road to the success of our organization. Without their support we would not be able to provide the benefits that we do to the children of Brunswick County living in difficult situations.



2022 Grants and Donations

GRANTOR                                             AMOUNT      DESIGNATION             GRANTOR                                AMOUNT   _DESIGNATION  

St. James Service Clu                         $5,000           Unrestricted             Sacred Heart Ladies Guild       $4,000        Summer Camps

H & C Family Charitable Fund        2,000       Summer Camps

Walmart Community Grant               500     Recreation activities

Knights of Columbus                       2,500      Unrestricted

Focus Broadband                             2,500     Stuffing Book Bags

Brunswick Electric Members Corp 1,000        Stuffing Book Bags

2206 SJSC photo.png
2022 Sacred Heart donation 2.jpg



Mary Snead - $100

John Waters - $50

Lorraine & Greg Giffin Charity Fund - $1,000

Augustus Paul Davenport - $5,000

Christine Cavender - $50

Janet Yerger - $100

Howard Cohen - $150

Lowrimore Family Trust - $310

Catherine Lemon - $100

Edward Shafer - $250

Thomas Crean - $50

Mason Dixon - $30

Duke Energy Employees - $194

Memorial Donations - $180

Robert Pichette - $500

Linda Boston - $25

Robert Richmond - $100

Martin Gasper - $50

Eileen Samuels - $25

Harold Lush - $20

Anna Nunez - $100

Fidelity Charitable - $100

Schwab Charitable - $100


Network for Good - $175

Sacred Heart Catholic Church - $75

Village Point United Methodist Church - $1,000

Knights of Columbus - $2,500

Sacred Heart Ladies Guild - $4,000

St James Service Club - $5,000

St James Service Club - Scholarship Fund - $12,000

Ocean View United Methodist Church - $50

St James Pickleball Association - $976


Rotary Foundation of Southport - $500

H & C Family Charitable Fund - $5,000


Amazon Smile - $25

Brunswick Electric Membership - $1,000

Walmart Community Grant - $500

Southern Charm (Women's Club of Holden Beach - $500

FOCUS Broadband - $2,500

Turn & Burn Farms - $100


2021 Grants, Donations, and Sponsors



St. James Service Club                                 $6,000

Supply Baptist Church                                      400

Network for Good                                              235

Cape Fear Memorial Foundation                 5,000

Knights of Columbus                                       1,000

Village Point Methodist Church                      1,000

Ocean Ridge Charities Association               1,000

Foundation Grants

Cape Fear Memorial Foundation                          $5,000

U.S. King Mackerel Tournament Endowment,
    a Component Fund of the NC Community         1,100

Gina Poppe                                                                 $500

Lowrimore Family Living Trust                                     400

Employee of Adobe Inc                                               493

Back Porch Rockers                                                   3,400

Rowena Lochner                                                            50

Catherine Lanier Lemon                                              100

Charles Sites and Holly Nicholson                           3,000

Katherine Amber                                                            50

Joanne Levitan (birthday gift for Marcia Leeds)       100

Holly Nicholson and Charles Sites                           5,000

Lynn Whitmore                                                           2,000

Nancy Stein                                                                    100

Yoga Students at Waterford Fitness Center                300

Kenneth and Deana Smith                                       2,000

Rodney Bangert                                                            500

Deborah Tucker                                                            200


Amazon Smile                                     $30.00

Adobe Inc. Corporate match           493.85

Brunswick Electric                             1,000.00

GFWC of Holden Beach and            500.00

      The Southern Charm Company

ATMC                                                 2,500.00

2021 Southern Charm and HBWC.jpg

On Wednesday October 27 WAVES 4 K.I.D.S. received a generous and surprise donation of $500 from the Womans Club of Holden Beach in collaboration with The Southern Charm Company in Shallotte.

Shown in the photo from left to right are Kelly Imbody, First Vice President of GFWC of Holden Beach, Patty Health, manager of southern Charm, Lisa Varnum, owner of Southern Charm, and John Waters, President of WAVES 4 K.I.D.S.

2020 Contributors

An Update on 2020 - December

Our two major fundraising events in 2020 were cancelled.

THANK YOU to all who helped to support our mission late last year.

* Giving Tuesday          $7,420

* The Roof Maker           5,000

* Michael Misiewicz       2,000 

* Lynn Whitmore             1,000

* Judith Harper                 500

* Lowrimore Family           100
           Living Trust    


In 2020 ATMC gave us a grant for $2,500 for our Stuffing Book Bags Initiative.

Here's a video they did with us for their own use as well as ours.       

Jersey Mikes           $5,412
ATMC                        $2,500
BEMC                          1,000
Southern Charm Co.     800
Cat On A Whisk            125
Mason Dixon                 113
Jersey Mike's Donation.jpeg
Southern Charm donation.JPG
Winding River Trivia Charity                            $1,890

Ron Eckert                                                             1,900
Charles Sites and Holly Nicholson                      3,000
Lynn Whitmore                                                     1,500
Hops 4 Humankind                                                 549
Gina Poppe                                                               300
Women's Club of Lockwood Folly                           300
Party guests of Marcia and Mark Leeds                 260
Deborah Tucker                                                        200
Cynthia Bresnan                                                       150
Mr. & Mrs. Jividen                                                     125
Bruce and Karen Kupper                                         100
Beth Carley                                                               100
Sylvia Bertz                                                               100
Trivial Pursuit Donation.JPG

Truist Bank (BB&T)

     7 Pack 'n Plays

Truist Donation Pack 'N Plays.jpeg
Non Profit Organizations
St. James Service Club                          $4,000
St. James Service Club                            3,000  
Garden Club of St. James                       1,000
Knights of Columbus                              1,000 
NCCF                                                          500
Brunswick County Unrestricted Endowment, a fund of the NC Community Foundation: 290
U,S, Open King Mackerel Tournament     Endowment, a fund of the NC Community     Foundation                                                210
Women's Club of Lockwood Folly            100
Ocean Ridge Charities Assoc.                    50
Starfish & Pearls Gala Sponsors
Starfish -   $1,000
    State Port Pilot
Seahorse -    $500
    Britt's Landscaping & Excavating, Inc
    Britt's Steel Building
    Coastal Companion Care
    Coastal Pediatric Dentistry 
    Kathie and Ron Eckert
Sand Dollar - $250
    Atlantic Internal Medicine
    Cotton's Electric
    Linda Sharkey
    Penny Oakley 
    Proactive Real Estate
    Southport Realty
    Susan Riley    
Seashell - $100
    Broadway Grand Prix
    Brunswick Insurance services
    Carroll & Elaine Harris
    Coastal ERA Real Estate, Debi Dolan-Prince
    David & Paula Paxton
    David Milligan, CPA
    Hobbs Realty
    Jean Harwell, Realtor
    Jennifer Williams, DDS
    Jones Ford
    Just For You Florist
    Karen & Tom Bowman
    Mansfield Brotheres LP Gas, Inc.
    Noel & Maggi Nadol
    Terry Pieper, MD

2019 Contributors

ORCA webp.jpg
ORCA Oct 2019 photo.jpg
                                       October 2019
Ocean Ridge Charities Association (ORCA) - $2,000
ORCA has been a generous repeating donor to WAVES 4 K.I.D.S. for many years. Their latest grant much needed grant will be used for supplying the KIDS Kloset. The KIDS Kloset is a room in the DSS building in Bolivia where social workers can get items needed by children under their care. Items that we supply in that Kloset include car seats, pack 'n plays, diapers, onesies, formula, and gift cards to Walmart. The gift cards are used by case workers to buy clothing specific to the children under their care. That Kloset is unique in the world of Departments of Social Service and provides tremendous value to foster families in need in Brunswick County. 

2019 Grant

St James Service Club - $5,000
The St James Service Club is a major contributor to the Brunswick County community year after year. 
In early 2019 they held a bridge tournament and designated WAVES 4 K.I.D.S. as a recipient of a large portion of the proceeds of that event.

2019 North Carolina Community Foundation


This generous donation was designated to be used for the annual Holiday Party. That party is held in early December and hosts all foster children and their foster families. In 2019 the party will be held at the Rock Creek Farm in Leland.

2019 Community Support

Ongoing donation from:
   Cat On A Whisk
   Southort Animal Hospital
   Mason Dixon
One time donations from: 
   Brunswick County Home Builders
   Holden Beach Church Chapel
                                     Spring 2019
ATMC - $2,000
The grant from ATMC was designated for the purchase of book bags for our August Stuffing Book Bags initiative. The generosity of ATMC will allow us to purchase the estimated 120 high quality book bags we'll need for the Fall 2019 semester. That grant allows us to use existing funds to assure that we have all of the school supplies needed to stuff the book bags with all of the items needed by the students. 
                       Spring 2019
Cape Fear Memorial Foundation- $5,000
CFMF logo.png
Cape Fear Memorial Foundation is a private, non-operating foundation located in Wilmington, NC. Its primary purpose is to serve the health and wellness needs of the people of southeastern North Carolina by supporting local not-for-profit organizations.
                                            2019 Contributors
 The names below
include Sponsorships of money and Donations of goods and services.
Donations include items for the auctions we hold during the year.
2019 Diamond Sponsor:  $5,000

Island Way Restaurant

2019 Platinum Sponsors:  $2,500

Benny and Pat Moore

Cape Fear Custom Designs

2019 Sponsors and Donors:  $1,000 - 2,499
2019 Sponsors and Donors:  $500 - 999

Kay Wolf

Ron and Kathie Eckert

State Port Pilot

Bill Rabon for Senate

Blue Green Vacations

Coastal Beverage Co Inc

Paul & Sybil Trevisan

Adams Beverage

Empire Distributing, Inc.

Oak Island Golf Club

Mutual Distributors

Epiphany Wines

US Foods


Margaret Rudd & Associates, Inc,.

Britt's Landscaping & Excavating Inc.

Carpentry & Moore, Inc.

Britt's steel Building, Contractor

Ocean Crest Motel

Juice That Brand

Rearrange with Style

Wade Dunbar Insurance

Ocean Crest Pier

Power Home Solar

Coastal Companion Care

2019 Sponsors and Donors: $101 - 499
2019 Sponsors and Donors: $100

Cape Fear Print Works

Bald Head Island Golf Club

The Clubs at St James


Blue Crab Blue

John Muuss

Coastal Vacations

Coastline Insurance

Grape and Ale

Watertown Hair - Mary Lynn Rehrer

Ricky Evans Gallery

Dr. Al Munn Capital Eye Care

BB&T - Brenda Bowling

Bullfrog Corner

Seaside Framing

CB Carter Home Inspections

Martin's Auto Repair

Carolina Home Goods

Mr. P's Bistro

Coastal Patio & Hearth

Collins Insurance Agency

Maggi and Noel Nadol

Maxine Elliott

Steve and Theresa Lominac

Dr. Terry Pieper

Coastal ERA - Jean Harwell

Crystal and David Fellows-McCully

Tomlin Sharkey & Associates

Watertown Hair - Jason Zeron

Absorb Health

Royal Coach & Motorworks

Singing Spirit Counseling

StrEAT Side

2018 Grant - St James Service Club $5,000

2018 Grant - DaVita Kidney Care Centers- $1,300
The St James Service Club is a major contributor to the Brunswick County community year after year. 
In early 2018 they held a bridge tournament and designated WAVES 4 K.I.D.S. as a recipient of a large portion of the proceeds of that event.
DaVita Inc. is an American healthcare company and is best known as one of the largest kidney care providers in the United States. Through their national giving back program the Southport and Shallotte locations choose WAVES 4 K.I.D.S. as their choice for giving back in 2018.
Kay Wolf and John Waters receiving this generous grant.
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