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Applications due by March 31, 2024

The first step to applying for a scholarship through WAVES 4. K.I.D.S is to carefully read the Scholarship Requirements below.

Once you've read the requirements and determined that you are eligible, complete the  application form and follow the instructions for submitting it.      

NOTE:  If you do not have access to Microsoft Word or compatible software, go to the About Us/Contact page and send a message including your email address and we will  send the requirements information and application to you as text in the email.

WAVES 4 K.I.D.S. Scholarship Requirements

The purpose of all scholarship funds administered by the WAVES 4 K.I.D.S. organization is to provide scholarship awards to students attending an accredited 2-year community college, 4-year college/university, or a technical/vocational school for the purpose of completing an Undergraduate, Graduate or Associate degree or Certificate or License.  As the administrator of the scholarship funds, WAVES 4 K.I.D.S. has determined the following requirements must be met by all applicants:

  • Be a United States Citizen or documented lawful resident of the United States.

  • Have current or prior involvement with Brunswick Department of Social Services OR be a Brunswick County resident living in a difficult situation with a verified financial need OR consideration for the Selena Wolf Education Fund, recipient must be designated as a sophomore.

  • Be a graduating senior residing in Brunswick County.  Applicants have applied to or are accepted to an accredited 2-year community college, 4-year college/university or technical/vocational school working toward degree or certification in a chosen vocation may also be considered.

  • Provide evidence of financial need by submitting a copy of the Financial Award Package from that school which shows the Cost of Attendance, Need Calculation including Estimated Family Contribution and list of all Financial Aid that has been accepted for the upcoming school year.

  • Complete and submit an application.  Incomplete applications will not be considered.

  • Provide at least one letter of recommendation from an adult in the community.

  • Include a typewritten essay of at least 300 words, but not more than 1,000 words, explaining career goals, plans, and describe what being a scholarship recipient would mean to the student.  This should be a polished, edited essay that represents the best of the applicant’s ability.

  • Participate in an in-person interview to discuss the student’s career/job goals, high school experiences, what the student plans on studying in the college or vocational program, how this scholarship will help the student, or any other information the applicant would like to share to provide the Education and Development Committee with information to determine whether or not to award the scholarship.

  • Provide contact information, including name, address, e-mail address and telephone number of the designated Financial Aid Officer at the school they will attend.

  • Maintain a GPA of 2.0 per semester, a C average, or a satisfactory Program Progress Report.  When reapplying for the scholarship each semester, provide documentation to the Committee Chair of GPA, class schedule for the upcoming semester and current Financial Award Package prior to the start of the new semester.

  • Continue full-time enrollment each semester.  Scholarship funds will not be used to pay for repeating a dropped or failed class and will be awarded accordingly.

  • Continuation of awarding the scholarship is dependent on satisfactory completion of all requirements each semester and availability of scholarship funds.

  • Inform the Education and Development Chair of any court convictions (excluding minor traffic infractions) that occur during the period covered by the scholarship award with the understanding that such conviction my lead to ineligibility to continue receiving scholarship awards.

  • Notification in writing to WAVES 4 K.I.D.S. is required if the student changes schools, along with submission of a Renewal Application accompanied by supporting materials described in that application.

  • If a student’s circumstances change and they will no longer be attending school the next semester they must notify in writing WAVES 4 K.I.D.S. immediately or no later than one month prior to the beginning of the next semester.  The Education and Development Committee will decide eligibility for future awards on a case by case basis. 

  • Allow WAVES 4 K.I.D.S. to publicize the award recipients, including photographs, in local newspapers, website posting and other media sources.  If special circumstance exist, steps will be taken to ensure confidentiality.

  • Formally accept the scholarship at a presentation by the WAVES 4 K.I.D.S. Board of Directors or at a designated event.

Send completed form along with all supporting documents to:


WAVES 4 K.I.D.S., P.O. Box 162, Bolivia, NC 28422 or


Approved by Board of Directors – January 19, 2018

Revision Approved by the Education and Development Committee – January 19, 2022

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