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“These kids (teenagers) came into my care as foster children and literally had no clothing that fit them.  Going to school in ill-fitting, outdated clothing did little for their young egos. DSS supplied us with the amount of money the state allocates for each child, but it was not enough to completely outfit these children. The additional funds provided them an opportunity to “fit in” with their peers.”

“ ...  I received funding for several of the children I have been assigned to as their Guardian ad Litem. This money enabled these kids to participate in activities that have enhanced their self esteem, increased their ability to socialize, and encouraged them to learn new skills based on their interest.”

“I was working with a teenager who had been sexually abused for much of her young life and had no clue as to what it was like to be around “normal” kids. I requested money so she could attend a wilderness camp—a place where she was just “one of the girls.” This experience was invaluable, permitting her to begin to recognize who she was as a person with the ability to move beyond her past.”

“WAVES makes it possible for us to help families and children involved with Child Protective Services (CPS) or Foster Care (FC) with emergent needs as well as meeting the unmet needs, to include: book bags, school supplies, summer camps, etc.” Patti Myers, DSS Supervisor

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